Leading Levittown NY Optometrist

Bart Jason M OD : Leading Optometrist in Levittown NY 

In choosing an optometrist near me, look for a medical professional that sees far beyond eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. You want clinicians that look for common eye diseases, that evaluate eyes in relation to overall health and assure you the eyes are working together.
As the condition of our eyes can change unexpectedly – especially as we get older – it is important that we have your eyes checked by an optometrist at least once or twice a year. More, if that is what’s recommended. This can be especially important if you have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease as they can have a significant impact on eye sight. If you have had corrective surgery, you have to be monitored for retinal detachment. A thorough and regular eye exam is going to be influential to long-term health. Risks like glaucoma and cataracts can be treated if detected early before they turn serious and lead to side effects that can include blindness.For the best eye care services in Levittown NY, you want Ultra Vision Optical Center. In business since 1974, they specialize in all things eye care, using the latest technology and highly trained, fully insured and licensed professionals. The practice has a single goal and that is to protect your eyes from strain, sun, allergies, disease and any other hazards. In fact, optometrists are often the first to detect chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, advising patients see their general practitioners to diagnose further and manage treatment.
Let the specialists at Ultra Vision Optical Center put their talents to work for you and every member of the family. They use the most advanced tech and the most recent and approved procedures to conduct the most comprehensive eye exams in the Levittown NY area. You will not find a better optometrist.