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University Of Delaware
Pennsylvania College of Optometry
2nd Generation
Serving Levittown since 1974
Dr. Bart uses the latest technology and knowledge to perform the most comprehensive eye examination possible. He checks for all eye related problems, including Glaucoma, Dry eye, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, binocular vision problems, allergies, focusing problems, and much more. Ultra Vision Optical Center is a family owned and operated business serving the Levittown area for over 45 years. Our mission is to provide the highest quality eye care possible, competitive pricing, and to satisfy each patient with the personal service you would expect from a local business.

Mission Statement

This mission was the dream of it’s founder, Dr. Arnold H. Bart who started the business in 1974, 5 months after the birth of his youngest son Jason. His dream continued in 2000 when Jason joined his practice as Dr. Jason Bart, Optometrist. Jason graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, which is the same school his father attended.

Dr. Arnold Bart passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in 2003, just months after the opening of Ultra Vision’s. Dr. Jason M. Bart has been successfully treating both former patients of his father as well as many new patients with the standard of eye care that most patients have never experienced.

The optometry business has changed dramatically since the beginning years of Ultra Vision as large chain and “discount” stores have overridden the landscape. Ultra Vision has prospered in this competitive environment by combining guaranteed quality, convenience, and affordability.
Dr. Bart is constantly upgrading the office with the latest technology and continues to do so as technology advances. Your vision is our top priority.


An Optometry Practice With Experience

Reliable Optometrist in Massapequa, NY

If you are looking for an eye doctor in Massapequa who will provide you with comprehensive care, please make an appointment at our practice. Our family-owned and operated business has recently moved from Levittown to Massapequa to offer better service. At our new location, we can provide you with a comprehensive list of optometrist services, including eye exams, quality eyewear and more to maintain your eye health.

Experienced Optometry That You Deserve

When browsing our pages, you'll notice that our optometry practice has 45 years of experience. Experience is one of the requirements that most patients seek when browsing through About Us pages. You won't be disappointed when you come to our offices. Dr. Jason Bart is the head of our practice in Massapequa, established in 1974 in Levittown by his father, Dr. Arnold Bart. We have the knowledge to treat various eye conditions, including glaucoma, dry eye, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, binocular vision problems, allergies, focusing issues and much more. Instead of going from one practice to another to treat your needs, you'll find it here at Ultra Vision. You can trust us for all your eye care needs, starting with eye exams and ranging to glasses, contact lenses and whatever else you require.

Personal Service You Deserve

Over the last several decades, the eye care industry has changed dramatically with the advent of large chains and discount stores offering eye care services. Our optometrist practice bridges the game between discount chains and expensive optometry practices by giving you the personal attention you deserve, along with glasses and eye care products at reasonable prices. Dr. Jason Bart received the same education as his father, attending the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He'll give you the personal service you deserve, whether you have been a long-time patient of this practice or are a brand-new one, local for a reliable place to go. Your vision needs are our top priority.



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