Color Blind Testing

A color blind test is a test administered by an eye doctor or other healthcare professional to detect the presence of color blindness or to determine the type and severity of color blindness.

Today, most children are given eye exams in elementary school. These eye exams include a screening for color blindness. The best-known color blind test is the Ishihara Color Vision Test. This test consists of a book of Ishihara plates. There is one plate per page. A plate is consists of a circular pattern of dots of varying colors, sizes, and brightness. The person being tested is placed in a room with normal lighting and allowed to wear his own glasses, if applicable. A person with normal vision will be able to detect a one- or two-digit number within the plate, while a color blind person will not see the number.
There are other color blind tests available, at variable degrees of reliability, either online or administered in person. A visit to an eye care professional is crucial for anyone who has questions or concerns about his vision and overall eye health, as he will be provided with the most current information available and the type of color blind test that is best suited for him.

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