Dr. Jason M. Bart

University Of Delaware
Pennsylvania College of Optometry
2nd Generation
Serving Levittown since 1974

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Children's Eye Care in Massapequa, NY

Ultra Vision Optical Center delivers the best pediatric eye care in Massapequa. Vision care for any child should start from birth through adolescence.

Without proper care and treatment, your child may develop various vision problems. Untreated vision issues often become complicated as the child grows. If your child needs an eye doctor or better vision care, we're here to protect your child's future eyesight.

Pediatric Eye Exam and Care

Children's eyes are constantly growing and evolving. The best way to keep their eyes healthy and have clear vision is to schedule routine pediatric eye exams. These tests provide a starting point for future eye care and allow us to diagnose and treat issues early. We look out for age-specific conditions like strabismus, amblyopia, and myopia.

Vision issues can affect your child, holding them back from what they can truly achieve. Some children may develop social, athletic, and academic handicaps that impact their future. That's why routine screening and care should be a priority. Our optometrist has the skills to identify age-specific conditions for proper vision development. We use child-friendly technology and gentle care to meet your child's unique needs.

We have an impressive line of expressive frames your child can try on if they need eyewear. It's easy to find one that matches their upbeat personality.

Quality and Convenient Eye Care in Massapequa

Vision issues and eye conditions can pose a significant threat to eyesight. You need experienced and qualified experts to handle your child's delicate eyes. We take pride in delivering the best pediatric care in Massapequa. We maintain a safe, child-friendly environment, so you don't have to worry about your little one.

Our clinic has nothing but state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment. Furthermore, our optometrist has extensive experience working with children. These strengths empower us to provide advanced care that will change your child's quality of life.

Looking for a qualified eye doctor in Massapequa? Visit Ultra Vision Optical Center for a pediatric optometrist who will prioritize your child's vision.