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eye doctor exam

Yearly Eye Exam In Levittown NY

eye exam services levittown ny

When it comes to personal health, it’s easy to forget about your vision, but doctors recommend that everyone undergoes a yearly eye exam regardless of their health. Eye problems may be hard to self-identify, and regularly seeing an optometrist can help prevent burgeoning problems before they become severe.

Standard eye exams are typically short and painless. Your doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes and note any changes since the prior year. This can allow them to identify potential deteriorating health or determine if you need to be prescribed glasses or contact lenses. The quality of an individual’s vision regularly changes over the course of your life, and properly identifying these changes can help you minimize undue strain that can hinder your general well-being.

eye doctor exam

Optometrists follow a standardized procedure for all eye exams. Your doctor will begin by asking you questions about your life and determining potential risk factors for your vision. They’ll then check your general vision, depth perception, and color vision through a series of simple tests. Depending on the results of these tests, your doctor may suggest dilating your eyes. You’ll also undergo a visual acuity test where you’re asked to read letters of decreasing size from a distant chart and use an opthalmascope to more closely examine your eyes and check for potential abnormalities.

While it may seem like your eyes are fine, regular check-ups are intended to ensure the long-term health of your vision. If it’s been over a year since your last exam, consider scheduling an appointment today with your eye doctor in Levittown NY.