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Vision Problems in Levitown NY

Care for Your Eyes With a Visit to an Optometrist

Vision is the most important of the human senses, helping us travel, communicate and recreate. Unfortunately, there are many disorders that can affect your vision. If you are having vision problems, you should consider turning to the services of an optometrist in Levittown NY.

Understanding Eye Problems

Vision disorders may simply result from the inability of the eyes to focus properly. Myopia is a condition that makes it difficult to clearly see things that are not directly in front of the person. Hyperopia has the opposite effect. An astigmatism is a condition that affects focusing in general. Dry eyes often result from a problem in the tear system. Vision strain can result from the inability of the eye to properly adjust to objects at different distances or from excessive time in front of a computer screen. Night vision problems may be related to myopia. Problems can also affect other parts of the eye, including the lids. An eye doctor, or optometrist, is a specialist who can detect and treat these and other disorders.

Caring for Your Eyes

Regular eye exams are needed to check how well you can see and also to determine whether there are any underlying problems. Eye exams will incorporate different techniques to check the status of your eyes. Simple vision problems can often be corrected with glasses, making it possible for you to see clearly from any distance. Contact lenses are popular alternatives to glasses, but their use will require comprehensive eye exams in order to ensure that they fit properly and will not create other problems. Some conditions may require more extensive care, but only an eye doctor can determine the type of treatment and when it will be needed. Care for your eyes by visiting an optometrist in Levittown NY.