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Going to See Your Eye Doctor in Levittown

Any time you have to plan a visit to see your eye doctor it can feel stressful and a bit intimidating. Whether you are planning your first trip to an optometrist or if you are in need of a regular checkup, knowing how to prepare for your visit can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable when it comes time for your set appointment.

When Setting Your Appointment to See Your Eye Doctor

When you are setting your appointment it is important to be clear about your intentions of your visit and any concerns you may have regarding your eye health. Additionally, be sure to inquire about the insurance that is accepted at the eye doctor you plan to visit to ensure you are capable of affording the checkup and other services provided. Be sure to ask any questions regarding payment over the phone before you set an appointment date.

What to Note

Create a list of any symptoms you may have experienced lately such as blurred vision, flashes of random lights and any dots or specks you have been seeing in your vision field. The more detailed your notes are, the easier it is for the optometrist to determine what is triggering any issues you are experiencing.

If you have always worn corrective lenses but you have recently noticed changes in your vision it is also important to note this to share with your doctor during your visit.

Any other questions you may have for the eye doctor in Levittown NY you are visiting should also be noted in order to ensure you do not forget anything you want to ask.

What to Bring to Your Eye Doctor Appointment

It is important to bring your current glasses or prescription that you have if you are currently wearing corrective lenses or contacts. Bringing along any information of current medications you take may be helpful if you have an eye condition that also requires medication. Insurance information for your vision will also help to speed the process.

If you are required to have your pupils dilated during your visit it is highly recommended to ask another individual to drive you home from your appointment, although it is not always necessary.