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Getting the Best Eye Examination for Students

eye doctor exam
Many state laws require that parents or guardians submit proof of an eye examination by an opthalmologist or optician when their child is first enrolled in school. There are a number of things to consider when choosing an eye doctor or vision clinic for your child’s eye examination.

Experience matters when it comes to any issue involving the health of the eye, so it’s important to choose a doctor and vision center that offers the widest range of services in addition to years of reliable service to the community. Anyone performing an eye exam on a student must be licensed either by a state medical board or a state board of optometry. If your family doesn’t already have an eye doctor in mind, get recommendations from family members and friends.

A reliable vision clinic makes it convenient for you to make an appointment for a student eye exam without having to wait too long. A proper eye exam is conducted by a doctor who is thorough and happy to answer any questions from either the student or parent. A great eye doctor and his staff is one that helps to make new patients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their visit to receive an eye examination. And a thorough eye exam conducted by a doctor can uncover potential problems either with sight issues or medical conditions before they become even bigger problems.

Ultra Vision Optical Center has gained a reputation for its superior customer service when it comes to student eye exams, serving the Levittown area since 1974. In addition to exams, we are also very experienced in providing prescription eyewear to correct a variety of vision problems. We accept most health insurance plans in addition to offering easy payment options for exams as well as prescription eyewear and contact lenses.