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Getting an Eye Exam This Spring

Your eyes are the windows to the world that allow you to navigate your surroundings. Without good eyesight you would be unable to read, drive, use a computer or enjoy the outdoor sights. Retaining good eyesight means that you should undergo an eye exam every year. Yearly checkups with an optometrist, optician or an ophthalmologist are vital because the corneas of the eyes change their shape constantly. These changes produce elongated or shortened angles of light that reflect on the retina. Improper light angling means that images appear blurry. Short light angles produce nearsightedness while longer angles create a farsighted condition. Your eye doctor makes sure that prescription glasses are made with the correct lens curvature that corrects and perfects the light angle. The most minuscule changes across the cornea can change your prescriptions strength. An eye exam that is scheduled each spring helps to ensure that new eyeglasses are made to keep up with eyesight changes.

Eye Doctor’s Exam

An eye exam completed every spring season can ensure good eye health as well as proper vision. The eyes are examined thoroughly to make sure that defects, injuries and diseases are not emerging. The retina is examined for tears and rips, and eye fluid is examined for good volume. Eye pressure is determined to consider glaucoma concerns, and eye lenses are fully inspected to make sure that cataracts are not forming. Eye doctors can even determine if diabetes, high blood pressure, brain tumors, high cholesterol and certain types of cancers are a concern for the patient. Eye exams locate macular degeneration as well so that a proper treatment plan can be developed before vision loss presents. Also, your eye doctor can help you with allergic dry eyes and nuisance strain concerns so that vision is comfortable for you.