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Eye Exams Every Year After 30

Schedule an Eye Examination At Least Once a Year

It is important for you to schedule appointments for routine eye exams at least once a year. An optometrist understands how to examine your eyes to check for changes in your vision or other abnormalities. Adults can have a significant decline in their vision that requires wearing glasses while reading or working on a computer. If you notice any vision problems or other issues with your eyes between your yearly examinations, then it is a good idea to make a new appointment with an eye doctor.

Have Your Eyes Tested For Cataracts or Glaucoma

In addition, it is possible for an adult to have a cataract or glaucoma that can damage her visual acuity without early treatment. An eye doctor must perform a glaucoma test on a patient’s eyes to determine if there is abnormal pressure in one or both eyeballs. If glaucoma isn’t treated, then it will lead to permanent blindness.

Determine If You Need To Wear Eyeglasses or Contacts

An optometrist also looks at the back of your eyes to determine if there is a problem with the blood vessels that can indicate other conditions such as diabetes mellitus. By visiting a Levittown NY eye doctor once a year, you are protecting your vision, and you can also learn if you need to wear eyeglasses or contacts.

Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Jason Bart

Eye exams in Levittown NY are quick and easy because an optometrist follows a particular routine. Many eye examinations require less than an hour, and if you need contacts or eyeglasses, then you can order the items immediately to improve your vision right away. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jason Bart, call Ultra Vision Optical Center in Levittown NY today at 516-796-2020.

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