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Eye Doctor in Seaford, NY

Finding the right eye doctor in Seaford, NY can be painless. As with anywhere else in the country, there are just three main factors to consider.

First, training and specialty. Most practitioners indicate these on their practice’s website. If not, you can often find this information elsewhere online. Try your health insurance company’s website, the one that provides policyholders with information on practitioners in the network.

Either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist is a good choice as your regular eye doctor, though only the ophthalmologist is licensed to perform eye surgery. Otherwise, both disciplines are equally well equipped to handle all other aspects of eye health, including care of significant conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts or chronic dry eye.

Choosing the Right Eye Doctor for You

Unless you know you have an eye condition that may require surgery at some point, you freely can choose either type of practitioner. Even then, if there’s an optometrist you prefer, select them and ask that they refer you to an ophthalmologist when the time comes for surgery. Similarly, a generalist eye doctor can handle most eyecare needs. Again, most can refer you out to specialists if you need care outside their expertise.

Second, reputation. Crowd sourced review sites such as the free Yelp or the paid-subscription Angie’s List can provide a wealth of information about local opinions of a practitioner. If your health insurance has vision benefits, be sure that the doctor’s office accepts your plan. Finally, ask the practitioner’s office about the specialists to whom they refer. Check their reputations and whether they’re located conveniently to you.

Third, comfort and convenience. As mentioned, location is one aspect here. Many people consider a drive of under 10 minutes from their home or office to be desirable. For example, those seeking an eye doctor in Seaford, NY find themselves within just seven miles of the Levittown offices of Dr. Bart.

Beyond that, pay attention during your first visit and trust your instincts. Were you comfortable with the doctor? Were your questions heard and answered satisfactorily? Was wait time or scheduling an issue? If you wear glasses or want specialty eyewear such as prescription safety goggles, does the office have an on-site optical shop for one-stop service?

When in search of a new eye doctor, choose the one whose training, reputation, manner and office amenities are a good match for you. That should ensure you’ll have one you trust for years to come.

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