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Eye Exam for Contact Lenses

Thinking of switching from eyeglasses to contacts? You may be surprised that you need to schedule a separate appointment outside of your routine eye-exam! While a comprehensive exam is needed for all patients who wear eye-glasses, and is recommended for all individuals annually, an additional exam for contact lenses is required before throwing out your old frames.

It is important to keep in mind that your eyeglasses prescription and your contact lens prescription will differ. While your eyeglasses prescription is measured for lenses that are 12mm away from your eyes, a contact lens prescription measures for a lens that fits directly atop the surface of your eye.extreme h20 54% from hydrogel vision

During an annual eye-exam for wellness or for an eyeglasses prescription, your eye is checked for overall health, vision sharpness, and requirements for corrective lenses. At this time your doctor will perform tests to check for disorders such as glaucoma, check the fluid pressure in your eyes, and determine eyeglasses prescription strength.

If you are considering getting contacts, you will need to schedule a contact lens exam in addition to the comprehensive annual exam. The contact lens exam will evaluate what your vision will be like with contacts. Your optometrist will measure the surface of your eye and the curvature of your cornea to ensure proper fit and sizing of your contacts. Additionally, your optometrist may do an evaluation of your tear duct production to ensure your eyes will have enough lubrication to safely and comfortably wear contact lenses.

Contact us today for more information of getting an eye exam in Levittown NY for contact lenses!

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