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eye exam services levittown ny

Eye Exams Every Year After 30

Schedule an Eye Examination At Least Once a Year

It is important for you to schedule appointments for routine eye exams at least once a year. An optometrist understands how to examine your eyes to check for changes in your vision or other abnormalities. Adults can have a significant decline in their vision that requires wearing glasses while reading or working on a computer. If you notice any vision problems or other issues with your eyes between your yearly examinations, then it is a good idea to make a new appointment with an eye doctor.

Have Your Eyes Tested For Cataracts or Glaucoma

In addition, it is possible for an adult to have a cataract or glaucoma that can damage her visual acuity without early treatment. An eye doctor must perform a glaucoma test on a patient’s eyes to determine if there is abnormal pressure in one or both eyeballs. If glaucoma isn’t treated, then it will lead to permanent blindness.

Determine If You Need To Wear Eyeglasses or Contacts

An optometrist also looks at the back of your eyes to determine if there is a problem with the blood vessels that can indicate other conditions such as diabetes mellitus. By visiting a Levittown NY eye doctor once a year, you are protecting your vision, and you can also learn if you need to wear eyeglasses or contacts.

Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Jason Bart

Eye exams in Levittown NY are quick and easy because an optometrist follows a particular routine. Many eye examinations require less than an hour, and if you need contacts or eyeglasses, then you can order the items immediately to improve your vision right away. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jason Bart, call Ultra Vision Optical Center in Levittown NY today at 516-796-2020.
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back to school eye exam

Back to School Eye Exam in Levittown NY

If you live in the Levittown area of New York and want to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your eye health, there are a number of things that you can do. If you are a student, one of the best steps you can take is to reach out to an optometrist in Levittown NY that can help you out. In order to give yourself access to high-quality eye care, you owe it to yourself to get all that you need from a back to school eye appointment.

Consider the following benefits of getting a back to school eye exam.

You will have the opportunity to take great notes and remain attentive in class

The last thing you would ever want is to stress and strain every day in class. Since so much of your day is spent paying attention to lectures, be sure that you can sit anywhere in the classroom and still see the board or projector. By getting corrective vision treatment, you can reduce the strain on your eyes and remain more attentive in class.

You will have more energy to get through your day

There are physical effects to having bad vision. The more that your eyes and brain have to stress and focus to see clearly, the more energy is expended. When your vision is protected and enhanced, you will have far more energy to be able to get through your day. As a student who will pull all nighters throughout college and high school, you need to always have your energy at its best.

You can nip eye issues in the bud

The best thing to do is control any vision problems as they arise. Get in touch with an eye health professional who can assist you in this regard. The way you are able to control your eye issues, the day will not be exacerbated and you can protect your vision as a whole. Getting an eye exam is one of the best things that you can do because you will get a brand-new prescription and your doctor will be able to prevent problems that may be affecting your vision.

By considering this information, you will have the chance to get an eye exam prior to going back to school. Reach out to an optometrist that can help you and you will be in good hands.

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testing for glaucoma

Vision Problems in Levitown NY

Care for Your Eyes With a Visit to an Optometrist

Vision is the most important of the human senses, helping us travel, communicate and recreate. Unfortunately, there are many disorders that can affect your vision. If you are having vision problems, you should consider turning to the services of an optometrist in Levittown NY.

Understanding Eye Problems

Vision disorders may simply result from the inability of the eyes to focus properly. Myopia is a condition that makes it difficult to clearly see things that are not directly in front of the person. Hyperopia has the opposite effect. An astigmatism is a condition that affects focusing in general. Dry eyes often result from a problem in the tear system. Vision strain can result from the inability of the eye to properly adjust to objects at different distances or from excessive time in front of a computer screen. Night vision problems may be related to myopia. Problems can also affect other parts of the eye, including the lids. An eye doctor, or optometrist, is a specialist who can detect and treat these and other disorders.

Caring for Your Eyes

Regular eye exams are needed to check how well you can see and also to determine whether there are any underlying problems. Eye exams will incorporate different techniques to check the status of your eyes. Simple vision problems can often be corrected with glasses, making it possible for you to see clearly from any distance. Contact lenses are popular alternatives to glasses, but their use will require comprehensive eye exams in order to ensure that they fit properly and will not create other problems. Some conditions may require more extensive care, but only an eye doctor can determine the type of treatment and when it will be needed. Care for your eyes by visiting an optometrist in Levittown NY.

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ray ban sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses in Levittown NY

Prescription Sunglasses are available in the Levittown NY area for those that would like a new prescription or forgo their contact lenses for the sunglasses that include their prescription. Of course, some people enjoy wearing the contact lenses. They provide a bit more freedom than sunglasses. However, it is important to realize that prescription sunglasses protect eyes from the sun and glare, while you are walking around, driving, or even relaxing on the beach. In addition, sunglasses simply look stylish and are available in a wide range of trendy or classical designs.

How to Get Your Own Prescription Sunglasses

For those that require a prescription, it is mandatory to see an eye doctor for eye exams. After the exam, the doctor will give you a prescription for your new sunglasses. The prescription is generally for someone that is nearsighted or farsighted. The lenses for the glasses are prepared according to the diagnostic findings during the eye exam. Fortunately, today the person requesting sunglasses that match their prescription are able to receive full service at the eye doctor’s office. In essence, they receive an examination and fitting in the same doctor’s office. This is very convenient for busy people that do not have the time to drive around to various locations.

Buying Sunglasses

At one time the prescription glasses lacked style and were just plain unattractive. However, today’s sunglasses are very stylish and trendy. The sunglasses are also available in a wide range of fashionable frames and sports’s frames. Prescription lenses are also available in a wide range of trendy styles. Some lenses are perfect for driving or outdoor weather. Some are great at deflecting glare, while others deflect all of the sun’s harmful UV rays that might cause eye damage. Consult with your nearest eye doctor for more information on our services or options available for you.

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glasses repair kit

The Right Way to Use an Eyeglasses Repair Kit

When eyeglass screws come apart, it can be rather frustrating to try and figure out how to fix them again. There are a few steps to repairing eyeglasses, and it can be done at home rather easily using a repair kit. Everything from crooked frames and scratched lenses can also be fixed, right at home.

Dealing with Scratches on Glasses

Scratches happen on eyeglasses all the time. Some of them can be small and not bother or block vision, but others are more significant. The first step to repairing scratched lenses is to clean the lens off with a microfiber cloth to make sure all of the dust and oils built up on it are removed. Then, an eyeglass cleaner needs to be applied. The next step is to use non-abrasive toothpaste to the scratch by running in small circles for about 30 seconds. The lenses then need to be rinsed with cold water before they are left to dry.

How to Tighten Glass Screws

One of the most common fixes on eyeglasses is to tighten the screws holding the frames together. A small screwdriver is needed, and they are typically found in an eyeglass repair kit. Instead of just tightening one of the screws that might be loose, it would be wise to tighten all of them at the same time. However, do not over tighten them as this could cause breakage.

Tightening and Replacing Nose Pads

One of the most common things lost on a pair of eyeglasses are the nose pads. They break down and become loose over time, so they need to be replaced. The key is to make sure that the screw is in place. If not, it needs to be replaced, too. Using a screwdriver from an eyeglass kit, remove the old pad by unscrewing it. Screw the new one into place gently to avoid knocking the frames out of alignment. It is important to take the time to realign the nose pads and adjust them, so they fit once more.

There are so many ways to go about fixing a pair of eyeglasses. The above techniques are only a few of the most common to consider. Stop by Ultra Vision Optical Center for an glasses repair and an eye exams.

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eye glasses levittown ny

Finding an Optometrist in Levittown NY

With so many other things going on in your life, it can be easy to put off things like regular eye exams. However, having a good optometrist and scheduling regular appointments to have your eyes checked out is important. Luckily, here at Ultra Vision Optical in Levittown NY, we can help.

Reasons for Yearly Eye Exams

When many people think about going in for an exam, they might assume that this is done just to see if they need glasses or contacts. For those who do need vision correction, scheduling regular appointments can help you and your doctor ensure that you have an up-to-date prescription that can help you see clearly. These are obviously important parts of an exam, but the problem is that some people think that they don’t need to see a doctor for their eyes regularly because they do not have vision problems.

The truth is that your eye doctor can help you with so much more than just that. An exam is designed to check your eyes for common diseases and get a better idea of your overall health.

Getting Checked for Eye Problems

These are some of the common eye problems that your eye doctor will look for during your exam:

  • Refractive errors
  • Amblyopia
  • Strabismus
  • Age-related eye conditions, such as cataracts
  • Focusing issues
  • Eye diseases, such as glaucoma
  • Overall health issues, such as high blood pressure
Dr Jason Bart
As you can see, finding a good optometrist and scheduling regular eye exams is important for your health. Contact an eye doctor near you to find out more and to schedule an appointment. If you are looking for an optometrist who you can count on in the Levittown NY area, give us a call at Ultra Vision Optical today.
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testing for glaucoma

Eye Exam for Contact Lenses

Thinking of switching from eyeglasses to contacts? You may be surprised that you need to schedule a separate appointment outside of your routine eye-exam! While a comprehensive exam is needed for all patients who wear eye-glasses, and is recommended for all individuals annually, an additional exam for contact lenses is required before throwing out your old frames.

It is important to keep in mind that your eyeglasses prescription and your contact lens prescription will differ. While your eyeglasses prescription is measured for lenses that are 12mm away from your eyes, a contact lens prescription measures for a lens that fits directly atop the surface of your eye.extreme h20 54% from hydrogel vision

During an annual eye-exam for wellness or for an eyeglasses prescription, your eye is checked for overall health, vision sharpness, and requirements for corrective lenses. At this time your doctor will perform tests to check for disorders such as glaucoma, check the fluid pressure in your eyes, and determine eyeglasses prescription strength.

If you are considering getting contacts, you will need to schedule a contact lens exam in addition to the comprehensive annual exam. The contact lens exam will evaluate what your vision will be like with contacts. Your optometrist will measure the surface of your eye and the curvature of your cornea to ensure proper fit and sizing of your contacts. Additionally, your optometrist may do an evaluation of your tear duct production to ensure your eyes will have enough lubrication to safely and comfortably wear contact lenses.

Contact us today for more information of getting an eye exam in Levittown NY for contact lenses!

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Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Designer Eyeglasses in Levittown NY

top banner eye glasses
If you’re looking for Designer Eyeglasses in Levittown NY, stop by Ultra Vision Optical Center. In addition to having designer frames for regular eyeglasses and sunglasses, like Ray Ban, Gucci, and Michael Kors, we also have an eye doctor who gives eye exams, color blind tests, and more.

Prescription Eyeglasses in Levittown NY

The eye doctor on staff, Dr. Bart, is a highly qualified optometrist who took over the family business after his father. He’s experienced in diagnosing and managing various eye conditions as well as providing the most accurate prescription with the most comfortable fit of contacts, eyeglasses, and shades. It’s important to have glasses that fit comfortably, allow you to see, and look great. Ultra Vision Optical, has over 1,500 Designer Eyeglasses available for you to choose from. Finding the right pair of glasses can help you look your best while seeing your best.
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Affordable pricing and flexible payment options make these designer frames completely attainable. We have frames for every age. Children, for example, tend to enjoy the quality Disney Eyewear and Nike Vision frames.

Full List of Designer Brands Available

  • Anne Klein
  • Bebe
  • Colors in Optics
  • Disney
  • Geoffrey Beene
  • Gucci
  • Helium
  • Michael Kors
  • Nautica
  • Nike
  • RayBan
  • Revlon&lt
  • Steve Madden
  • Ted Baker
  • Titanflex
  • Tommy Bahama
  • Vince Camuto
  • Vogue
  • X-Games

Whatever your style preference is, Optical Vision Optical Center has the designer frames to match it. Make an appointment today or stop by to browse in-store in Levittown, New York to check out our affordable rates and impressive selections.

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eye exam services levittown ny

Eye Exams Near Me

eye exam services levittown ny

Those who are interested in keeping up with their eye health should step in for eye exams near me at their earliest convenience.

With Ultra Vision Optical, anybody has the opportunity to check in with their eye doctor and keep up to date on their eyes. Those who are wondering: “Where can I find good eye exams near me?” can contact the experts at Ultra Vision Optical and learn more about the basic services offered.

Eye Exams Near Me

They can consult with an eye doctor and having their eyes examined for all types of issues. A capable eye doctor can provide individuals with comprehensive eye exams and help them determine whether they may need to take further action in order to ensure the health and functionality of their eyes. Some actions may include receiving glasses or working with surgical options in order to improve the way the eye works.

Visit us near Bethpage, Hickville and Farmingdale New York

Every consultation is different, and knowing what to expect can help make the process even more comprehensive.

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eye doctor exam

Yearly Eye Exam In Levittown NY

eye exam services levittown ny

When it comes to personal health, it’s easy to forget about your vision, but doctors recommend that everyone undergoes a yearly eye exam regardless of their health. Eye problems may be hard to self-identify, and regularly seeing an optometrist can help prevent burgeoning problems before they become severe.

Standard eye exams are typically short and painless. Your doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes and note any changes since the prior year. This can allow them to identify potential deteriorating health or determine if you need to be prescribed glasses or contact lenses. The quality of an individual’s vision regularly changes over the course of your life, and properly identifying these changes can help you minimize undue strain that can hinder your general well-being.

eye doctor exam

Optometrists follow a standardized procedure for all eye exams. Your doctor will begin by asking you questions about your life and determining potential risk factors for your vision. They’ll then check your general vision, depth perception, and color vision through a series of simple tests. Depending on the results of these tests, your doctor may suggest dilating your eyes. You’ll also undergo a visual acuity test where you’re asked to read letters of decreasing size from a distant chart and use an opthalmascope to more closely examine your eyes and check for potential abnormalities.

While it may seem like your eyes are fine, regular check-ups are intended to ensure the long-term health of your vision. If it’s been over a year since your last exam, consider scheduling an appointment today with your eye doctor in Levittown NY.

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