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holiday glasses

Designer Frames For The Holidays

holiday glasses

Useful and practical gifts are a great idea around the holidays and whether you are shopping for yourself or someone you love, a new pair of designer eyeglass frames is something you might want to consider. A personal item that makes an optimal gift, you can choose a pair of frames or you can gift a certificate that can be used by the gift receiver so they can pick something out that they would like.
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In addition to many stores carrying a wide variety of designer eyeglass frames, you can also find designer sunglasses, accessories like cases, cleaning products and much more. There are a number of different glasses options to choose from from polarized designer frames to classic styles. You can even gift an eye exam to help offset those costs as well.

If you are still looking around for the perfect gift for your family, friend or loved one, think about the personal touch of designer eyeglass frames this holiday season. This is a personal gift that will impress. All of the best designers have high quality eyeglass frames as part of their product line including Coach, Tiffany, Chanel and Nine West. Whether you want to purchase a new pair of frames for yourself for the holidays or you are looking to gift a pair of frames, the gift of sight is the way to go this holiday season.

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Getting Eye Glasses and Contacts For Work

Eye glasses and contacts literally extend the eyesight of people who are near- or far- sighted. Without them, a lot of things can go wrong because of lower visual acuity, including accidental injury or death.

Why is getting eyewear for work important? Eye glass wearers should always have at least two pairs of eye glasses and/or an extra set of contacts so that they can wear one set at work.

Eye Strain from Work Computers

Eyesight changes with each passing year. One of the biggest causes of vision change is wearing the wrong prescription for different types of work. For example, if you work on a computer all day, you can experience light sensitivity and vision problems over time if you wear eyewear that has your “normal” prescription because a computer monitor screen puts too much strain on the eyes — especially when your eyewear brings the screen into extreme focus. Wearing “computer” glasses that feature an anti-reflective coating and a slightly weaker prescription can lessen the degree of strain and damage.

Driving Problems Over Time

Now that we are in the middle of winter, you need to be able to see clearly when driving because rain, hail, fog and snow limit visibility. A single scratch on your everyday glasses or contacts that accidentally happened at work can immediately interfere with your eyesight. While driving, a scratch can actually distract you from looking at the road. Worse yet, if you accidentally break your eyewear on the job, you won’t be able to drive at all without a second set.

For more information about the importance of backup eyewear, or to schedule an appointment, contact our eye care specialists today!

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Creating a New Image for a New Year With Designer Glasses

Autumn is upon us, and the return from a summer break provides many students with an opportunity to embrace new identities and new looks. Back to School has become an event unto itself, and many returning students use this time as an opportunity to update their image and explore the kind of person they want to be. For those in need of glasses, eyewear is all part of the ensemble, and Designer Brand Eyeglasses are just the way to build a new self-image.

Glasses might have once been the look of shy bookworms, but the range of designer frames available now gives people of all types a chance to live out their own personal style. From the athlete looking to show off a sporty side with Nike or Nautica frames, to trendsetters in stylish Gucci and Guess, or even the kid-at-heart with Disney brand glasses, there are options for anyone to explore and express their style.

With the range of brands available, students worrying about paying for textbooks don’t need to sweat the cost of new glasses, too. It’s easy to find frames at reasonable price ranges from dozens of recognizable brands. Even the thriftiest student should have no trouble finding affordable new glasses to pull their Back to School look together.

The start of a new school year is the prime time to update your personal image, and among all the new shirts and shoes, it’s important to remember that Designer Brand Eyeglasses can make just as much of a statement. After all, new glasses are not just a way to refresh how you see, but how the world sees you.

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